Adriane’s Havanese

Adriane’s Havanese


Puppy Shopping List, Food, Treats & Contract

Puppy Shopping List

Puppy Shopping List

Puppy Shopping List

All of our puppies come with a Puppy Care Package to get you started!

It includes food they are eating, homemade treats, a couple toys, a small pack of potty pads and a blanket with the litters scent on it. 

We highly recommend using a harness when starting out teaching your puppy to walk on a leash. It is safe, secure and does not pull on their neck. The one we send with them will not fit for long, but at this stage there isn't a lot that will fit them. If you plan to buy one, we recommend buying a XXS Harness. 

We know making the transition to a new home can be stressful on a puppy. New house, new people and some times they are the only dog in their new home. So we like to send a blanket with the litters scent on it. This gives them a familiar scent that they are used to that helps make the transition easier.

Food we feed

We feed Fromm Puppy Gold in the hot pink bag.  We highly recommend you keeping your new puppy on this food. If you do plan to switch your puppy over to another kind of food, please wait a couple weeks. Then do the switch very slowly, mixing the new food in over a weeks time. Puppies can have sensitive stomachs and changing their food fast will create a upset stomach. To find a retail location near you, click on this link. 

Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade     Treats 🦴

These days we don't really know what's in the treats at the stores. So we recommend making homemade treats! They are easy to make, a healthy choice and they love them!! 


1/2 Can Pure Pumpkin 

1/2 Cup All Natural Peanut Butter 

1  3/4 Cup Whole Wheat Flour 

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix all ingredients in bowl until mix is clumpy and not sticky. 

Using your hands to mix the dough works best.


Roll dough out to 1/4" thick.  

Use your desired cookie cutter.  

Or you can rip off small chunks if you choose to not use a cookie cutter. The dough does not rise, so it will be the shape/size as you put it on the cookie sheet.  

Bake in oven for 25-30 mins.  

Treats will only last about a week sitting out. So we freeze ours. 

They love them right out of the freezer! 

Puppy Contract

Adriane’s Havanese

Contract for Sale and Purchase of Pet/Companion Havanese

This agreement is made on _____ between Adriane Powers, hereafter referred to as Breeder and_______________ as Buyer.

The Buyer agrees to purchase from the Breeder a male/female AKC certified purebred Havanese Puppy/dog, whose color is ________ and known nickname as name ___________.

This Havanese has a date of birth ___________.

Sire: _____________________

Dam: _____________________

The Buyer agrees and binds themselves to take good and reasonable care of said puppy/dog. This includes but is not limited to: feed and house properly, not to let puppy/dog run loose and/or unattended at any time, give or secure the best of attentions to the physical welfare of the puppy/dog at the Buyer’s expense.

In consideration of a purchase price of $________ for a Havanese puppy/dog, of which $______ is a non-refundable deposit, the Breeder transfers ownership and ownership responsibilities of the Havanese puppy/dog to the Buyer. The balance is due upon pick up of the puppy/dog or prior to delivery or shipping. The cost of shipping is at the expense of the Buyer and is due prior to shipping. The remaining balance is to be paid by cashiers/official bank check, Paypal, Venmo, money order or cash.

It is agreed between the Breeder and the Buyer that this puppy/dog is being acquired as family companion or for exhibition in AKC obedience, or agility competition. It is agreed between the Breeder and Buyer that this puppy/dog will be spayed/ neutered by the time the puppy/dog reaches 9 months of age.

We agree that the puppy/dog is not purchased for resale nor will it be used or trained for activities which are illegal or for which it is not suited by reason of temperament or conformation.


The puppy/dog selected will come to the buyer with up to date shot record.

The buyer should have the puppy/dog checked by his or her own vet within (3) days of the purchase to ensure that the puppy/dog is healthy. Breeder’s responsibility for communicable disease is void if not reported within (3) days of purchase.

Replacement is contingent on the puppy/dog being returned to the Breeder in the same condition that it left Breeder’s property, and with a written explanation by the veterinarian of choice. Expense of returning the puppy/dog to the Breeder is the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

The puppy will be replaced, should the puppy develop any life threatening hereditary defect or disease, which affects the quality of life of the puppy within 1 year from the date of birth. The Breeder must receive a written and signed vet documentation of the defect. The Breeder reserves the right to a second opinion from another vet of their choice.

A malnourished, obese, or abused condition will void replacement of puppy. Breeder is not responsible for reimbursement of accumulated expenses, only for the replacement of the puppy.


The Breeder certifies that the puppy is eligible for limited registration under the Regulations of the American Kennel Club as a purebred Havanese and will provide the proper forms for such registration. The Breeder will provide the American Kennel Club (AKC) dog registration forms to transfer ownership when proof of spay/neutering is provided to Breeder. If Buyer doesn’t intend to show or breed the dog, there is no reason to have Full Registration on you puppy; dogs with limited registration can be shown in any event except conformation. Full Registration does not affect the quality of the puppy; it simply designates the purpose of the puppy. In other words, a puppy registered with limited registration dictates that the puppy is being purchased as a family pet/companion.

Ownership Responsibilities

The Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy/dog in a humane environment and properly train and care for it. The Buyer must provide a proper environment and food of sufficient quality and quantity to keep the puppy/dog in optimum condition, and at all times clean water. Specifically, the puppy/dog will be properly licensed and inoculated against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and the other communicable diseases as recommended by a qualified veterinarian. The puppy/dog should not be allowed to roam freely unattended and will be loved and socialized.

Right of Recovery/Replacement

In the event that the Buyer is unable to keep the puppy/dog or provide and appropriate home in accordance with this agreement, he/she agrees to immediately contact the Breeder. The Breeder has the first option to accept the return of the puppy/dog at no charge to the Breeder. The Buyer agrees to not abandon the puppy/dog to a shelter or sell or give the puppy/dog away. The Buyer agrees not to place this puppy/dog to a pet store, animal broker, or other such establishment or puppy mill. The Buyer agrees as a act of awareness to educate themselves on the puppy mill situation that exists in the United States and tell their friends and family this and to help discourage people from buying animals from pet stores.

Binding Contract Clause

Both parties have read and understood the foregoing, and are in agreement with all terms and conditions of this contract, rendering it legal and binding contract. Breach of this contract will result in legal action being taken in the jurisdiction of Logan County, OHIO.


Adriane will support the buyers with any questions they may have.


Breeder Signature: ______________________________


Buyer Signature: _______________________________